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Friday, March 1, 2013

Wearing the Right Fit Makes a Lot of Difference

Most of us make the mistake of not wearing the right fit without even realizing it. Even if you have everything right - gorgeous outfit, perfect hair and the right accessories - you ruin your look by getting this one thing wrong. Read on to see the difference...

Too Loose

Jumbo Bermudas create a log-like look that makes thighs appear as broad as hips. Plus, saggy pockets protrude, adding extra bulk that can read as saddle bags.

Baggy capris with a tapered high-water hem form a V shape from hip to ankle, making hips look wider by comparison. Plus, cargo pockets break up the line of the leg for a stumpy effect.
Too Tight

Snug shorts pucker into a V shape at the groin, which points to the thickest part of the thighs. And if you will notice, too tight fabric cinches into small horizontal lines, making your thighs look wide.

Stretched fabric creates lines across the hips that draw the eye horizontally for a widening effect. Plus, a skin-tight fit can force pants to sit crookedly on the hips.

Just Right

A crisp side seam and slight flare at the hem tricks the eye into seeing thighs as much leaner.

Capri pants that are sleek through the thigh, then bell slightly where the calf starts to slim into the ankle visually balance hips' width and elongate legs.


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