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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Pretty Hot Paris Fall Fashion 2013: A Review

By choice I did not comment on the fashion paraded during the Red Carpet event of the recently concluded Oscar Awards Night. There was nothing worth mentioning there because I found the fashion so hohumm. Translation: boring. But I could not let the Paris Fashion Week go without as much as a squeak. Here is the first of my favorite collections presented during this all-important fashion event.
The Balenciaga RTW Fall 2013

Boy wonder Alexander Wang presented a memorable collection this year which again brought back all the eyes on him from the fashion who’s who. What he achieved in his latest collection is a Balenciaga look that is different and very distinct from his own fashion label. No doubt, the young designer did his research and did it really well to have come up with a collection that is so unlike his own collection for his own brand, a feat that is difficult even for the most seasoned designers.

Wang came up with a mostly black lineup that emphasized a lot of curves: rounded shoulders, cutaway jackets, lean skirts and a fantastic lineup of knits that are simply to die for. To lighten his lineup, he added flashes of white here and there, such as on yokes of the sleeves, or pairing lean skirts with white, and even marbling on the fabrics. His Balenciaga collection was very dressed up and glorified the chic Power Woman. His lineup was pulled-together and polished with a touch of unmistakable sensuality that is simply irresistible. The collection was far from the expected overt commercialism that has been touted as the very reason for his appointment to the Balenciaga house. What he did with such aplomb is he stuck to the codes of the Balenciaga house and interpreted it in a modern way. What he achieved is a fine balance between edginess and elegance that only Wang could pull off. Judging from the comments of the most influential editors-in-chief of the biggest fashion magazines, Alexander Wang did a phenomenal first show as the man at the helm for Balenciaga.

A cleverly marbled knit top paired with skinny pants and a cutaway coat most likely inspired by Cristobal Balenciaga’s apron wedding dresses

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Two very inspiring coats from Alexander Wang’s Fall Collection 2013 for the house of Balenciaga
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Elegantly cut dress with a pattern that translates to edgy influences without taking away from the codes of the Balenciaga house
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