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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Casey Legler: The Female Who Works as a Male Model

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Female artist, Casey Legler was recently signed to the men’s division of the prestigious Ford modeling agency. She has been tapped to walk the catwalk in the next round of Paris shows to exclusively model menswear. The 6’2” New York resident was cast as a man in a last-minute shoot photographed by her friend, Cass Bird. Bird showed the resulting photos to a booker at Ford and she was cast within days.

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Her height is most likely one of the assets which proved to be a hit with Ford. In addition, she has sharp cheekbones, flawless skin and has a gap in her teeth. She has a boyish physique and style, often attired in men’s t-shirts, jeans and sneakers. One other thing which probably influenced Ford’s decision to cast her as a male is the quiff on her hair. Andrej Pejic, the androgynous bleached-blonde male who models wedding gowns, push-up bras and swimwear, has finally met his female match.

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Legler opines that people are most likely responding to seeing her in men’s clothes because doing so connotes freedom: it is a bold and fierce thing to do. She says sometimes the way we see ourselves can be limiting and the fact that she is a woman modeling menswear banishes those limitations. If her career as a male model takes off, we would be seeing a lot more of Casey Legler in the months to come.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Making a Statement with Ear Cuffs

I am not really an earrings girl. In fact, I don’t normally wear them but I came across the ear cuff trend and I honestly love it. It certainly is non-traditional which is very appealing and it can be such an elegant statement piece if worn right. 

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Meryl Streep seems to be the reason why ear cuffs are back. She wore ear cuffs when she appeared in Mama Mia and the public slowly caught on. There are thousands of ear cuffs and wraps now available online from really inexpensive accessory pieces to luxurious sets with pearls and semi-precious stones. Convertible ear cuffs are also available where you can choose to add dangles on the basic cuff for a more fashion forward statement. 

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Ear cuffs are large and fit over the cartilage of our ears, right smack in the middle. To put on the ear cuffs, you need to start at the top of the ear and slide down the cuff gently till you reach the middle of your ear. Secure them snugly over the ear with gentle pressure so as not to deform them. Slide them upward to the top of the ear to take them off. Don’t open them or pinch them so that they will not be deformed. Ear wraps, on the other hand are small and fit on the soft edge of the ear, either on the top or at the bottom. Both are singles, meaning they do not come as a pair. Of course, you have the option to wear a pair if you wish but they are normally sold in singles.

Sophie's Trauma

The last time I was at the hospital was when our little Sophie got sick with UTI. She was only about nine months old then and I can still clearly remember the trauma of being in the hospital brought her. The sight of doctors going around the emergency room and nurses holding different instruments and pushing medical computer carts scared her. All the time we were there, she was crying. It was a good thing that the pediatrician is my cousin and she decided not to admit her because she wouldn't have stopped crying if we stayed there longer. Medication was given and she got better after a couple of days. We've been very careful in taking care of the girls since then because it's something that any of us would ever want to experience ever again.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kristen Flashes Flesh at Breaking Dawn 2 Premiere

Phew! Kristen Stewart was Hot! Hot! Hot! At the premiere of Breaking Dawn 2, she wore a sheer, lacy, floor-length dress by Zuhair Murad who happens to be a favorite of Blake Lively and JLo as well. It was a welcome departure from her usual, almost Gothic get-ups and past I-don’t-give-a-shit attires at past red carpet appearances. The strapless lace number in sheer nude exposed her underwear very clearly. The young star of Breaking Dawn 2 walked down the red carpet with former beau Robert Pattinson and gamely showed off her rather pert bottom as she turned her back to the cameras while signing autographs for fans. 

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She certainly did not disappoint her fans in this truly sexy dress which she wore with a bravado that has come to be expected from this hot, young star. It is a good thing she does not have as big a bottom as JLo or this outfit would have been downright scandalous. The more conservative panties seem to be attached to the dress’ waistband is logistically placed within the opaque paneling of the material so that the more sensitive areas are hidden in a provocative hide-and-seek effect when she moves.

In the same breath, she was even vampier in a black lace jumpsuit also by Murad when she graced the red carpet at the Breaking Dawn 2 premiere in Leicester Square in the UK. The sparkling jumpsuit had cut-out detailing and an open back which hid her body in all the right places. This racier Kristen Stewart is a far cry from the little known actress she was before the Twilight Saga began. 

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shiloh's List Launch Party

Everyone wants to save on their purchases and still get quality products, right?  Now, if you're like many women who hunt for great deals and products online and only pay for half the price (sometimes more!), I'd like to invite you to Shiloh's List upcoming event. If you still have not heard of Shiloh, it's an online shop where you can find great deals and buy almost anything: beauty products, clothes, shoes, restaurant vouchers; travel vouchers, and even services.  The company is finally launching on November 22 at Venice Piazza. 

There's going to be a fashion show where all merchants will be featured and a concert.  A Lot of prizes will also be given plus, there will be a grand raffle from ZERONA; a Zerona Basic Package will be given to one lucky winner!  The show starts at 5 pm but I'll be there early if I were you as all seats will be taken fast!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Look Chic with this Dress

Turn heads with a strapless A-line dress with a high belt.  It defines the smallest part of the waist and helps legs look longer.

Glamorous Plus Size Dresses from Syndey's Closet

Overweight, heavy boned or just plainly built? Now you don't have to worry about where to buy your clothes; plus sized at Sydneys Closet are just a click of your mouse away. 

Plus-sized women used to struggle hard to find dresses that will fit. It's either they have their clothes made by a personal dressmaker or they wore too large clothes that only made them look bigger. 

Nowadays, the choices are not limited to that anymore. A lot of clothing stores are carrying collections for plus-sized women. I wonder what took the designers too long to see the potential of plus size dresses. Anyway, I am so pleased that they have addressed this problem and me, being a plus size, won't have to struggle hard to find the most glamorous and fashionable clothes.

The Obama Ladies

Now that the election fever has died down with Barack Obama winning a second time, the real work begins for the President. But while on the campaign trail, not all the attention was focused on the President all the time. Some of the attention was on Michelle Obama and the two Obama girls, Sasha and Malia. The President’s wife has gained recognition, not only for her wit and character but also for her fashion sense. And some of the limelight has rubbed off on the developing fashion style of the Obama girls as well.

The past four years, Michelle Obama has consistently dressed well and dressed with style. She has used her fashion style to deliver a powerful message and she is not afraid to recycle an outfit she has already worn, in keeping with her husband’s apparent value for thriftiness. Taking their cue from their mother, Sasha and Malia wowed fashion watchers on election night with their colorful skirts, a welcome digression from the color-matched outfits they wore on election night four years ago when the Obama family came out in black and red outfits. It is clear that these girls are venturing out and experimenting with their own fashion styles. Will they turn out to be future fashion icons as well like Lauren Bush, daughter of George W?

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Here are some of Michelle Obama’s winning moments in fashion.

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And here are the Obama girls through the years as they develop their own fashion styles.

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Leave the Noise Behind with Bose Headphones

If great quality sound is what you are after, I suggest you choose only Bose headphones. They wouldn't be called award-winning headphones for nothing. I have tried a lot of headphones but only bose headphones have the ability to reduce noise so the sound is clearer and more solid. I also love the headphones' comfortable ear-fit; I don't have to adjust them a lot once I place them on my head. If you want to get the most from your music like I do, try these headphones.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pretty Garden Benches at Garden Gates

A wooden bench gives a garden a vintage look and that's what I love about wooden furniture. I was never fond of concrete benches because to me, they are boring. All that changed when I found pretty garden benches concrete online. The site features attractive concrete garden sets and I never actually thought that I'd love them. Right now I live in a building type house but pretty soon we're moving to a real house. The one I found has a small garden and I'm trying to picture it with the concrete garden set. It's going to be beautiful and the twins will surely love the whimsical toadstool garden benches.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Blue Monday - Porcelain Dress

blue monday badge

Saw this dress from one of the websites I frequently visit.  Now, this dress is made entirely from Blue and White Porcelain from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. A silver thread was used to sew the porcelain pieces together. 

Eco-Friendly Fashion from Bobo House

Eloise Lapidus, daughter of world-renowned French designer Ted Lapidus and German model Ursula Mai founded BoBo House in 2011. Her concept is to create “Bougeois-Boheme” fashion (shortened to BoBo) which is the melding of the classic and sexy Parisian style with the laid-back appeal of the Californian woman. Thus, her fashion is sexy but casual – a style that is perfect for the casual elegance of today’s trendy and young fashionistas.

Her evolving health-conscious lifestyle trickled into her business ideal which led to her creating a unique line of young fashion that is made from materials that are environment friendly. Even the manufacturing process of her apparel is consciously programmed to adhere to her green ideals. She has set out to make a difference and is taking the first step towards that goal.

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Her line is greatly influenced by the 60s and 70s fashion of Paris and St. Tropez.  It includes soft tees, tanks, sweaters, tunics and pareos (Tahitian inspired wrap-around skirts). She believes that consumers have now become wiser and are looking to buy fashion that is made to last. BoBo House fashion uses 100 percent MicroTencel, MicroModal and organic cotton, materials that are biodegradable and environment friendly. It also uses recycled paper for all their tags and printed materials, including packaging. All their apparel and packaging is 100% made in downtown Los Angeles to ensure that everything is done according to environmental standards. Her collection was exhibited at the LA Market Week held last month.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Shopping Mistake We All Make

Never buy an outfit that is not flattering to your frame.  One of the shopping mistakes we always make is to buy the latest trends.  Being "in" doesn't mean you have to look sloppy.  When you shop, look for clothes that flatter you.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Chanel’s Spring 2013 Press Day Presents Latest Bag Collection

The Paris Palais’ Royal was filled with giant turbines surrounding the catwalk where Chanel presented its fabulous collection of bags and accessories last October. Precisely because it is Chanel, those in attendance were easily bowled over by the accessories presented in the show but what set the crowd abuzz is the Hula Hoop beach tote which was begging to be tried on for size the moment it was paraded by the lanky models of Karl Lagerfeld. It is one of those “dare to wear” fashion statements which you either can or cannot carry.  Available in two sizes, medium and mini, these bags are surprisingly practical and can be worn perfectly on your wrist. These bags finally reached Chanel’s New York headquarters and the media denizens were given a chance to see the fabulous accessories up close and personal. The hula hoop bag greeted visitors as the elevator doors opened.

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Box clutches that looked like Crayola-colored Lego bricks were another interesting part of the collection which also created a ripple during the fashion presentation in October at the Palais’ Royal in Paris. The colors were bold and trendy and can be a major fashion hit among the street style brigade. These boxy bags have been nicknamed Boy Brick clutches or Lego bags.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Introducing the Shoe Fashion of Sophia Webster

The rising star in shoe fashion is Sophia Webster, whose designer shoes have been the topic of conversation among fashion’s elite in the past few months. Three fashion retailers have just given this new designer their seal of approval: Dover Street Market, Harvey Nichols and Among the celebrities who are now wearing her fashion is Chloe Moretz of “500 Days of Summer” fame who recently wore Webster’s designs at the red carpet last month.

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Webster describes her fashion as”very feminine and fun and done in a chic, sexy way.” She says her shoes are “for women who want to express their personality through their shoes and will appreciate and enjoy them." Her shoes look like they came out of a confectionery; colorful poppy shades with ruffles, bows and heels made from balls. She took up an art foundation course at Camberwell College of Art, before completing a degree at Cordwainers College where she decided that a career on footwear would be the direction she would take. She became Nicholas Kirkwood’s design assistant after she was offered a place on the footwear pathway of the Royal College of Art's MA women’s wear course. It is Kirkwood who is acting as the young designer’s mentor, who provided the production facilities for her spring/summer 2013 collection.

Where to get Discount Hearing Aids

If you are looking to buy a hearing aid but you don't know where to start, this blogpost might help you. There are two available models to help you hear clearly; the analog and the digital models. The analog type is more popular because it's been out in the market for years; it is also more affordable. But although it's more popular, the sound quality is not as good as what digital models provide. Digital hearing aids offer better sound quality and it can easily be programmed so you can adjust the level of hearing. This used to be expensive but now it has become more affordable. You can actually find discount hearing aids online. Some offer coupons so you can get more discounts. Have your hearing tested by a hearing specialist first and follow his recommendations before buying hearing aids online.
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