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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Obama Ladies

Now that the election fever has died down with Barack Obama winning a second time, the real work begins for the President. But while on the campaign trail, not all the attention was focused on the President all the time. Some of the attention was on Michelle Obama and the two Obama girls, Sasha and Malia. The President’s wife has gained recognition, not only for her wit and character but also for her fashion sense. And some of the limelight has rubbed off on the developing fashion style of the Obama girls as well.

The past four years, Michelle Obama has consistently dressed well and dressed with style. She has used her fashion style to deliver a powerful message and she is not afraid to recycle an outfit she has already worn, in keeping with her husband’s apparent value for thriftiness. Taking their cue from their mother, Sasha and Malia wowed fashion watchers on election night with their colorful skirts, a welcome digression from the color-matched outfits they wore on election night four years ago when the Obama family came out in black and red outfits. It is clear that these girls are venturing out and experimenting with their own fashion styles. Will they turn out to be future fashion icons as well like Lauren Bush, daughter of George W?

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Here are some of Michelle Obama’s winning moments in fashion.

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And here are the Obama girls through the years as they develop their own fashion styles.

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