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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Casey Legler: The Female Who Works as a Male Model

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Female artist, Casey Legler was recently signed to the men’s division of the prestigious Ford modeling agency. She has been tapped to walk the catwalk in the next round of Paris shows to exclusively model menswear. The 6’2” New York resident was cast as a man in a last-minute shoot photographed by her friend, Cass Bird. Bird showed the resulting photos to a booker at Ford and she was cast within days.

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Her height is most likely one of the assets which proved to be a hit with Ford. In addition, she has sharp cheekbones, flawless skin and has a gap in her teeth. She has a boyish physique and style, often attired in men’s t-shirts, jeans and sneakers. One other thing which probably influenced Ford’s decision to cast her as a male is the quiff on her hair. Andrej Pejic, the androgynous bleached-blonde male who models wedding gowns, push-up bras and swimwear, has finally met his female match.

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Legler opines that people are most likely responding to seeing her in men’s clothes because doing so connotes freedom: it is a bold and fierce thing to do. She says sometimes the way we see ourselves can be limiting and the fact that she is a woman modeling menswear banishes those limitations. If her career as a male model takes off, we would be seeing a lot more of Casey Legler in the months to come.


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