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Friday, December 20, 2013

Headbands That Make You Gorgeous

Go ahead and attend each and every holiday party in different hairstyles. These updos will surely turn heads and make you the center of attention and all you need are simple headbands to style your hair.

Double, thin and stretchy headband

Don't you just hate it when bangs get in the way? You can use this to hide your bangs, tame unruly fringe or flyaway. What's great about this headband style is its thinness allows you to wear it far forward to smooth down even the shortest strands.


Single and Structured

Use this headband when you simply want to dress up a straight style. Nothing flatters like a single shiny band because it echoes the very qualities we love in long locks. To keep the look from falling flat, tease hair at the crown, then angle the headband one inch back from the hairline rather than at the tippy-top of the head.

Double, thick and stretchy

Need to tame thick tresses? Hair that like to go its own way is best served by a stretchy headband with twin wide straps. Both the elastic and the width control wayward waves and poof for an effortless elegance that's sure to wow the night or day.

Double and structured

Two stiff bands that contrast with hair color highlight the beauty of curls by providing the perfect foil to coil around (while keeping strays in line).

A Gift for My Nephew

I'm checking out these cool electric guitar cases for my nephew. I've seen the leather case of his favorite guitar and some parts are already peeling off. The bottom edges are also fraying. It was hubs who suggested that I look for a new guitar case and although I knew nothing about these things, I did it. I want to surprise him this Christmas by giving him an unexpected gift and right now, I can just imagine how his already big eyes will grow even bigger once he opens his gift. The tons of reviews I read just to find the perfect case for his electric guitar will be all worth it.

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Best Ways to Wow in White

White is pristine and beautiful but, it can make you look big if you don't know how to wear it right. Below are some of the "Ooops" and thumbs up of wearing the tricky color.


Cropped bell sleeves widen the waistline. Plus, a formless top adds bulk all over.

Thumbs up!

Wide-set straps help an hourglass figure and it accents the bust while hiding belly bulge. The pleats create a vertical line that elongates the upper body, making you appear taller.


A chin-grazing collar makes the face look pudgy.

Thumbs up!

A collar that hits one inch below the jaw shifts focus off a double chin. Sleeves that puff only at the forearms slim upper arms.

Holiday Shopping

I have been to the grocery store early last night to shop for some of the things that mom and I will be needing for the holiday food preparation. I got stuck in traffic and there were too many people. I am surprised that at this time, there are still a lot of sale. It's a few days before Christmas and you usually don't find items on sale, not at this time when people really spend their money to shop. Anyway, to me that is a good thing because I was able to score some items that I really won't buy at regular prices. I even found the resonator guitar strings at musicians friend on red tag so I was able to buy a set for my son. He'll be so surprised when he sees this in his stocking on Christmas morning. I got home tired, hungry and with achy feet but feeling really happy with my haul.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

IT Workers Can Become Specialized in EMC Five Specific Product Technologies

The product/technology specific certification track of EMC is unique because it only offers one certification that spans all difficulty levels. Partners should look into earning one or more of the available exams in technologies that are popular within IT infrastructure-based companies all around the world. The benefits are numerous and your role within the company can be elevated to an important level, as you will serve as a leader for other professionals who are involved with the technology at hand.

The EMC SourceOne certification will put candidates in an administrative position, performing day-to-day administrative tasks such as archiving messages, tuning servers, monitoring servers, managing folders, data, and policies, configuring email management activities, troubleshooting, and more. Candidates will also be involved with the implementation and deployment of the technology. The Captiva certification will require professionals to perform a large variety of tasks – from installation and configuration to management and troubleshooting – of Captiva system components, such as InputAccel, SQL Manager, and IIS. Deploying and leveraging network management solutions will be the base of the IT Operations Intelligence certification. Professionals will work with the Ionix technology to monitor and management a business network. The fourth certification available to customers and partners, Data Domain, will prepare candidates implement and administer Data Domain Systems.

A final certification, RecoverPoint Data Replication and Recovery, is available to partners only. All certifications can be earned by taking a single multiple choice exam, while training classes and practice exams are available from ExamTrace. Learn more about the product and technology specific certification track by going to the EMC education website.

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