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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Turn Heads with a Sash

A waist-whittling hip sash paired with an asymmetrical dress creates a slimming diagonal line from shoulder to thigh. To get the perfect look, look for a one shoulder dress like the one in the photo.

Wall Biofuel Fireplaces

If you are currently looking to buy a fireplace, I would suggest you look for a biofuel ones. It's basically the same as the traditional fireplace that we know of but instead of using firewood as a fuel source, this one burns ethanol. Ethanol is a renewable resource so if you are working on going green, visit wall biofuel fireplaces to learn more about them. These fireplaces are perfect at helping you save fuel. Another great thing about this fireplace is that no smoke is produced when ethanol is being burned because it burns clean and it's maintenance free.

Kirsten's lovely dress

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Triple-Digit Gains

There is no better time to invest in precious metals than now.  That's according to investors who say, you will not only double your money if you buy gold bars for sale but you'll gain way more than that.  Plus, you can sell it any time because the market never closes.  Should you choose to hold on to your investment for a few years, the rewards are incredible.

Don't know where to start?  Try the Golden Eagle Coin website. They are one of  the most trusted when it comes to buying and selling gold.  You don't have to be in the US to buy or sell gold, you can do this anywhere with just a click of your mouse.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Sizzling Hot Summer Trends for 2013

The heat outside is the best indication that summer is well under way and it is time to discuss what fashion trends sizzle for this very hot season. These trends were shown in the major catwalks last year as the biggest fashion houses presented their collections for spring and summer of 2013 and by all indications; these are now the trends that stayed.

Statement Stripes

Stripes were all over the catwalks last year and it seems that our “fashionistas” took the cue on this trend. Horizontal, vertical or diagonal – it seems there is no way to avoid stripes this summer. They came in bold, black and white stripes or candy stripes. Whatever the color and the size, there were stripes everywhere. 


Striped summer garb from the spring/summer 2013 collection Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs and Paul Smith

Sexy 60s Inspired Fashion

Several designers took inspiration from the sizzling fashion of the 60s and gave it a more modern and sexier feel. Available in Technicolor outfits that paid tribute to the fashion of the likes of Twiggy and Jane Birkin, designers like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors and Moschino came up with A-line dresses, miniskirts and graphic checks in fresh, bold, bright colors and motifs that are pop pieces that are sure to please.


Bold and sexy 60s inspired fashion from Michael Kors, Moschino and Louis Vuitton


Cool and loose Bermudas for cool girls who do not believe in the cheek-baring cut-offs that we see all over Instagram dominated the runways of the likes of DKNY, Rag & Bone, Chloe, Suno and Alexander Wang. Skillful mix-matching, layering and proportion are required to pull-off these comfortable but chic garments for this uber hot summer fashion trend. 


Ease and comfort are what these trendy Bermudas provide and are perfect for the sizzling summer days 

All-out White

Crisp white outfits is a summer staple whatever the year. Whether they are layered on fluid silhouettes or crisp separates worn together to make a great look; these cool get-ups are here to stay. White is the ultimate summer color (or non-color) because it provides a cooling effect on these infinitely hot summer weather. From the runways of Prabal Gurung, Victoria Beckham, Moschino and DKNY, these fashionable garbs are sure to attract the ultimate “fashionistas” regardless of color and age.


White is a color that is most worn during summer and these are but a few of the white outfits presented during the runway shows for spring/summer 2013

Faux Flowers

What’s summer without flowers? Needless to say they are everywhere from floral pants to floral-print dresses. After all, flowers are the ultimate symbol of summer. What is surprising is that this summer, faux flowers as accents on dresses seems to be the in thing. Just take a peek at some of the outfits taken off the runways for the season. 


Florals for summer outfits make sense and these are represented in the collections of Anna Sui, Prada and Moschino

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Make-Up Trends for Spring/Summer 2013 as Seen in the Catwalks

Canadian cosmetic brand MAC recently unveiled to the media their spring/summer 2013 make-up highlights and they were reflective of the make-up trends recently seen in the catwalks of New York, Paris and London when the spring/summer 2013 fashion trends were presented by the biggest names in the fashion industry. The use of bright colors was seen in small doses, such as on the lips and around the eyes. Smokey eyes are still in but reinterpreted. Lips were presented in neon to hot pink to muted neutral tones. Metallic and bronze hues are present to create a futuristic feel. The sun-kissed look with rich, creamy tones and pale lips are the emphasis. The focus is on skin quality and a matte look. Hints of past eras such as the 60s were also detected but interpreted with a modern-day touch to present the free-spirits of the bohemian through the use of pastel colors or a splash of silver for that truly 60s look. In total, makeup for spring and summer 2013 is all about soft, blended looks that emphasizes fluid and minimalist approaches to makeup.

Here are the major looks that were presented on the catwalks for spring/summer 2013 trends. The first emphasizes on luminous skin. The skin is the blank canvas, luxurious and hydrated and the lips are neutral, with just a touch of lipstick to heighten the natural tone. The brow is emphasized in what is called the boy brow. No high shines and no glossy looks for this trend. 

Luminous skin, neutral-colored lips with just a tad of color and bold brows is a major makeup trend for this summer/spring 2013.

It’s also the season of playfulness focusing on a pastel-fluorescent look with flashes of silver and cold, metallic touches that gives a futuristic look and feel. Bright colors such as lemon yellow and bright turquoise with touches of mint and aqua are young and refreshing colors that add flirtatious and daring pizzaz to the look. Also popular are softer shades of lilac, apple and peach. Smokey eyes are still in but in softer shades of brown instead of the harsh black shades of previous seasons. Lips are bolder and brighter with shades as strong as neon, hot pink and papaya orange. They are matte velvet to balmy instead of the high gloss looks. The sweetheart lips are the in thing. 

Bold eyes, neon shades and smoky eyes

It’s all about letting the natural radiance of the skin shine through this season by achieving the sun-kissed look through sepia tones around the eyes against nude skin. The brow trend is fuller, not so arched but still ultra-chic. They are softened by brushing the brows at the end. The makeup has a matte finish and is blended evenly over the skin to even out the skin tones.



Sepia tones and nudes carefully blended against nude skin plus full eyebrows skillfully softened lets the natural beauty of the skin shine through this spring/summer 2013. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Choosing the Right Swimwear for Your Body Type

While a confident attitude is the key to rocking your swimsuit, that confidence usually comes through because you know you look good in what you are wearing. You have on the piece that, pulls, pushes and hides in all the right places. It is important, therefore, to know what fits your body type and hides your imperfections.

Here are a few things to remember when choosing the swimsuit for you.

Swimwear for the small bust

To add curves and cleavage, choose a bikini top with triangle-shaped cups that are front-tying. They can add shape and appearance of a cleavage to your bust. Ruffles, frills and draping at the bust help to add volume to the chest area. Underwired bikini tops with padding will help shape your breasts. Criss-cross ties also help to define the bust, giving it the illusion of a fuller size.

Swimwear for the large bust

The key to looking great when you are large-breasted is getting the right size and the utmost support. Fully underwired tops provide optimum support while looking sexy. Haltered necklines create a great vintage pin-up look while at the same time provides great support for large busts. A sleek look is best without any embellishments or ruffling. Try a peplum bottom or one with frills at the hips to balance out the fullness of the top and create the illusion of a smaller waistline. Wide-strapped tops also minimize your bust.

Swimwear for bigger hips/pear-shaped

An easy strategy to avoid drawing attention to your bigger hips and fuller bottom is color blocking. Wear a darker color on your bottom and a brighter one on top. Bottoms should sit across the hip line and not below them. Avoid boy cuts as they actually make the hips look bigger. A skirted suit or a tankini top in a straight line helps to diminish the large hips or large bottom. Bring as much attention to your top half with details, accents, designs that detract attention from your lower half. Square, wide, halter-neck tops all bring attention to your top half as well. Avoid horizontal stripes on your bottom half. Choose bottoms that sit high up on the legs to give the illusion of a leaner bottom and longer, leaner legs.


Swimwear to slim down a stomach

Girls with a tummy may opt to stay away from the bikini. They can opt for a one-piece suit that minimizes the stomach. One piece swimwear with ruching, shirring or gathering at the waist helps to disguise the bumps and lumps. If they wish to wear two-piece suits, they can opt for a tankini which covers what you wish to hide. Vertical lines or diagonal lines help to elongate the torso and disguise the bulges. V-necks draw attention to the bust and detracts the eye from the belly. Dark colored one-piece suits also help to disguise a bulging tummy. All-over prints won’t show the contours beneath either.

Swimwear for boyish shapes or rectangle shapes

Women with athletic bodies need to create the illusion of curves and boost the bust line. Embellishments at the hip and bust areas such as frills, gems, ties and bows can add volume to a small bust line. Horizontal stripes and textured fabrics create interest along the bust line and hips as well. Bright colored bikinis have the same effect as those embellishments. A one-piece suit with cut-outs helps to break up the torso like a bikini but with added sexiness. Tops with wide straps help broaden the shoulders and minimize the waistline. Boy-shorts and skirted briefs help to enhance the small bottom. A monokini is a one-piece suit that shows so much skin especially around the waist so it is perfect for the girl with a boyish body. 

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