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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Make-Up Trends for Spring/Summer 2013 as Seen in the Catwalks

Canadian cosmetic brand MAC recently unveiled to the media their spring/summer 2013 make-up highlights and they were reflective of the make-up trends recently seen in the catwalks of New York, Paris and London when the spring/summer 2013 fashion trends were presented by the biggest names in the fashion industry. The use of bright colors was seen in small doses, such as on the lips and around the eyes. Smokey eyes are still in but reinterpreted. Lips were presented in neon to hot pink to muted neutral tones. Metallic and bronze hues are present to create a futuristic feel. The sun-kissed look with rich, creamy tones and pale lips are the emphasis. The focus is on skin quality and a matte look. Hints of past eras such as the 60s were also detected but interpreted with a modern-day touch to present the free-spirits of the bohemian through the use of pastel colors or a splash of silver for that truly 60s look. In total, makeup for spring and summer 2013 is all about soft, blended looks that emphasizes fluid and minimalist approaches to makeup.

Here are the major looks that were presented on the catwalks for spring/summer 2013 trends. The first emphasizes on luminous skin. The skin is the blank canvas, luxurious and hydrated and the lips are neutral, with just a touch of lipstick to heighten the natural tone. The brow is emphasized in what is called the boy brow. No high shines and no glossy looks for this trend. 

Luminous skin, neutral-colored lips with just a tad of color and bold brows is a major makeup trend for this summer/spring 2013.

It’s also the season of playfulness focusing on a pastel-fluorescent look with flashes of silver and cold, metallic touches that gives a futuristic look and feel. Bright colors such as lemon yellow and bright turquoise with touches of mint and aqua are young and refreshing colors that add flirtatious and daring pizzaz to the look. Also popular are softer shades of lilac, apple and peach. Smokey eyes are still in but in softer shades of brown instead of the harsh black shades of previous seasons. Lips are bolder and brighter with shades as strong as neon, hot pink and papaya orange. They are matte velvet to balmy instead of the high gloss looks. The sweetheart lips are the in thing. 

Bold eyes, neon shades and smoky eyes

It’s all about letting the natural radiance of the skin shine through this season by achieving the sun-kissed look through sepia tones around the eyes against nude skin. The brow trend is fuller, not so arched but still ultra-chic. They are softened by brushing the brows at the end. The makeup has a matte finish and is blended evenly over the skin to even out the skin tones.



Sepia tones and nudes carefully blended against nude skin plus full eyebrows skillfully softened lets the natural beauty of the skin shine through this spring/summer 2013. 


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