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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Choosing the Right Swimwear for Your Body Type

While a confident attitude is the key to rocking your swimsuit, that confidence usually comes through because you know you look good in what you are wearing. You have on the piece that, pulls, pushes and hides in all the right places. It is important, therefore, to know what fits your body type and hides your imperfections.

Here are a few things to remember when choosing the swimsuit for you.

Swimwear for the small bust

To add curves and cleavage, choose a bikini top with triangle-shaped cups that are front-tying. They can add shape and appearance of a cleavage to your bust. Ruffles, frills and draping at the bust help to add volume to the chest area. Underwired bikini tops with padding will help shape your breasts. Criss-cross ties also help to define the bust, giving it the illusion of a fuller size.

Swimwear for the large bust

The key to looking great when you are large-breasted is getting the right size and the utmost support. Fully underwired tops provide optimum support while looking sexy. Haltered necklines create a great vintage pin-up look while at the same time provides great support for large busts. A sleek look is best without any embellishments or ruffling. Try a peplum bottom or one with frills at the hips to balance out the fullness of the top and create the illusion of a smaller waistline. Wide-strapped tops also minimize your bust.

Swimwear for bigger hips/pear-shaped

An easy strategy to avoid drawing attention to your bigger hips and fuller bottom is color blocking. Wear a darker color on your bottom and a brighter one on top. Bottoms should sit across the hip line and not below them. Avoid boy cuts as they actually make the hips look bigger. A skirted suit or a tankini top in a straight line helps to diminish the large hips or large bottom. Bring as much attention to your top half with details, accents, designs that detract attention from your lower half. Square, wide, halter-neck tops all bring attention to your top half as well. Avoid horizontal stripes on your bottom half. Choose bottoms that sit high up on the legs to give the illusion of a leaner bottom and longer, leaner legs.


Swimwear to slim down a stomach

Girls with a tummy may opt to stay away from the bikini. They can opt for a one-piece suit that minimizes the stomach. One piece swimwear with ruching, shirring or gathering at the waist helps to disguise the bumps and lumps. If they wish to wear two-piece suits, they can opt for a tankini which covers what you wish to hide. Vertical lines or diagonal lines help to elongate the torso and disguise the bulges. V-necks draw attention to the bust and detracts the eye from the belly. Dark colored one-piece suits also help to disguise a bulging tummy. All-over prints won’t show the contours beneath either.

Swimwear for boyish shapes or rectangle shapes

Women with athletic bodies need to create the illusion of curves and boost the bust line. Embellishments at the hip and bust areas such as frills, gems, ties and bows can add volume to a small bust line. Horizontal stripes and textured fabrics create interest along the bust line and hips as well. Bright colored bikinis have the same effect as those embellishments. A one-piece suit with cut-outs helps to break up the torso like a bikini but with added sexiness. Tops with wide straps help broaden the shoulders and minimize the waistline. Boy-shorts and skirted briefs help to enhance the small bottom. A monokini is a one-piece suit that shows so much skin especially around the waist so it is perfect for the girl with a boyish body. 

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