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Monday, August 27, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Titanic: The Experience at Orlando’s International Drive

Titanic: The Experience is a permanent exhibit that has been the major attraction at Orlando’s International Drive for the last three years. The building underwent a major renovation early this year to accommodate more artifacts and life-size displays, which include a recreation of the ill-fated ship’s grand staircase that is one of the most memorable among the many attractions in the exhibit. 

Actors in costumes reminiscent of the period act as tour guides who bring the visitors through the many displays featured in the exhibit. The experience provides the visitors a historical view of the experience the passengers of the ship went through while on board the magnificent ship. The displays include a replica of the state rooms in the first class area of the ship and the view from the bridge where the captain must have stood; waiting for his imminent death as the ship slowly sank to the bottom, taking him with it. Blueprints of the ship which is also shown in the exhibit is testament to what was then viewed as the major engineering feat of 1912 as it was designed to stay afloat even if four of its compartments filled up with water. Ironically, the iceberg that it struck sliced through six of the ship’s compartments which broke it in half and caused the humongous ship to sink to its watery grave less than three hours later. Indeed, the exhibit is a must-see for everyone who remains enthralled by the mystery and lore of the Titanic.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jiggly Batwings

Well, the easiest way to conceal jiggly underarms is to don clothes with sleeves.  Did you know that not all sleeves are created equal?  Some can even make your arms look plumper that going sleeveless.  If you're aiming to hide those unsightly batwings, look for elbow-length sleeves.  These sleeves are universally flattering and offer enough coverage to make your arms look their thinnest.  fashion experts say, look for a length that hits a quarter-inch above the crook of your arm, which draws the eye to the tiniest part.  Don't go for cap sleeves because the angle at which they cut into the upper arm make any size arm appear thicker than it is.

Preparing for Penang

Hubs is once again busy preparing for the Asian Intercity, a bowling tournament which will be held in Penang, Malaysia this year. The guys who will be participating leave this November. The uniforms are almost done and they are just waiting for their jackets. Hubs has also found a supplier for the lapel pin. Players have this tradition of exchanging pins before the tournament begins. I have participated in this event in the past years and I have collected 2 boxes of lapel pins already. I was also invited to join this year but I begged off. Penang is quite expensive and although I have not been there, I had to say no because I don't have the funds to spare. Next year will be HongKong; it's more affordable so I think I can go.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fall Collection 2012

These are some of the gorgeous stuff you should look for this fall from your favorite designers.

Nina Ricci

Carolina Herrera

Stella McCartney

Friday, August 10, 2012

Life Insurance without Medical

Now, nothing can stop Noelle from getting an insurance. She was diagnosed with diabetes a few years back and the premium her insurance agent gave her was quite high. Plus, she had to take a lot of medical examinations that did not guarantee her approval. She was glad when a friend told her about life insurance without medical. She checked it online and she was approved right away. The premium is a little high than one can get with medical. Still, it's not as high as the one offered to her before. Noelle can now sleep soundly at night knowing that she is insured.

Glass Handbag Giveaway

Welcome to the Glass Handbag Event!

Giveaway sponsored by Glass Handbags.
Hosted by Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog and Diva Fabulosa.
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There's a Contest for That, Leira Pagaspas, Slickhousewives, and Simply Shawn & Jenn

Who doesn't love handbags? I don't know with you but I am crazy about them and the bags at stake are fabulous and unique. Join now for a chance to win one of these fashionable bags.

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These fabulous lights take up no space, have low power consumption, are moisture resistant, extremely flexible, and long lasting battery life, up to 25,000 hours. Each handbag also comes with a patented glow that you won’t see in any other handbag. The glow is the Glass Handbag light, a striking feature that cannot be found anywhere else. These patented lights are thin, take up no space, low power consumption, and very flexible.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Engagement Rings and Loose Diamonds

A colleague heard about the successful engagement party of my niece Isabel to her longtime beau, Dante last weekend. His daughter was getting engaged in a month and they were also in the market for an engagement ring. Francis, their daughter’s boyfriend had consulted them on what style their daughter, Cheryl might like. Immediately, I recommended Whiteflash engagement rings. I directed him to the Whiteflash website and told him that on this jewelry site, loose diamonds and engagement rings are a-plenty. 

That evening, Phil, my colleague called me up to ask me the website’s address. I sent him the website’s name and address and told him that I would willingly go with them to the Whiteflash showroom if they find something on the online catalogue that Cheryl might fancy. I advised him to have his wife Kate ask Cheryl nonchalantly what type of engagement ring she would one day want to have if she had a choice. If possible, have Cheryl look through the catalogue of Whiteflash to pick out the one style she would prefer.

Phil, his wife and their soon to be son-in-law, Francis were all impressed with what they saw on the website. That weekend, Kate found an opportunity to show Cheryl the online catalogue of Whiteflash. She was raving about the engagement ring of my niece and showed her the Katie Pave engagement ring on the website. Kate then proceeded to ask Cheryl which setting she would choose if she had a choice. Cheryl poured over the website’s gallery of engagement rings for a long time before telling Kate that she loved the “Grace” diamond engagement ring the most. She also liked a custom diamond engagement ring with a princess cut center diamond framed by 4 baguettes and 2 marquise diamonds on each side but the latter may be too pricey. 

Armed with the information, Phil and Kate reported what Cheryl liked to Francis. The couple asked to come along when Francis visited the Whiteflash showroom to check out the quality of their jewelry as well as ask about prices. Francis gladly obliged and together with Steve’s mother, they all set out to visit the showroom that weekend. Immediately, Steve loved the craftsmanship and the flawless beauty of the diamonds they had on display. More importantly, the prices were very competitive. 

Kate had taken note of the item codes of the designs Cheryl had pointed out to her. She knew that Cheryl would have liked the custom made engagement ring the most but was unsure whether the price would be as attractive so she asked about that first. The jeweler gave them several options depending upon the size of the center diamond ranging from $8,000 to $12,000, the most expensive being the one with a more than a carat center diamond. 

Next, they asked about the “Grace” engagement ring which Francis liked better because the center diamond was framed by smaller diamonds around it and also had diamonds on the sides of the ring. The jeweler said it would be more expensive than the custom made engagement ring with the princess cut diamond center. He quoted it at $12,000 to $15,000. When they saw a sample of the “Grace” engagement ring which they happened to have in the showroom that day, they were all enthralled. The ring gave off more brilliance because there were a lot more diamonds in the setting. The stone also looked bigger. While Kate knew that from the pictures, Cheryl preferred the custom made engagement ring, she was certain that when her daughter sees the actual “Grace” engagement ring, she would love it more. So Francis purchased the “Grace” engagement ring with the one-carat center diamond for his beloved Cheryl.
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