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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Newsflash: David Tutera’s Brand New Bridal Shoe Collection

The much-publicized collaboration between renowned wedding and event planner David Tutera and the Antebi Footwear Group in June has given birth, finally, to the much-awaited shoe collection of the former. Aptly named The David Tutera Shoe Collection, it is representative of the sheer elegance and style of the famous event planner but he promises that it will be sold at truly affordable prices. Now every bride has the opportunity to be in the perfect pair of shoes on her wedding day. The shoe line will complete his already existing range of products which formerly consisted of wedding gowns and bridal jewelry.

Amazingly, the prices range from $140 to $250. Here is a sneak peek at his amazing shoe collection.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Philippine Fashion Week Set to PresentT Spring/Summer 2013 Collections

The 16th Philippine Fashion Week is set for tomorrow, October 23 and will run till the 29th at the SMX Convention Center, the SM Mall of Asia Main Atrium, and the SM Mall of Asia Arena. The fashion event is set to unveil the latest collections of the country’s most promising as well as the established designers of the country. The event has 22 shows line up which will feature collections from the country’s top retail brands and nearly a hundred Filipino designers.

Sony will present a full show on October 24, Wednesday at the SMX Function Rooms 2 and 3 that will bring together the fashion experts Dax Bayani, Lizanne Cua, Melchor Guinto, Russell Villafuerte and Sassa Jimenez. This much anticipated fashion presentation is set to showcase pieces that are chic, sassy and sensuous for the cosmopolitan set.

Set to present their collections on October 25, Thursday, 5:30 pm, at the SMX Function Rooms 2 and 3 are designers Eric de los Santos, Raoul Ramirez, Roland Lirio and Vania Romoff who will be presenting their elegant and timeless garments during the said show. More seasoned designers will also launch their Spring/Summer offerings in a show that is set on October 23, Tuesday, 9:30 pm, at the SMX Function Rooms 2 and 3. L’Oreal Paris will also showcase the latest in haute couture from Albert Andrada and Ezra Santos. They are also offering 20% of on all make-up products for the duration of Philippine Fashion Week in all L’Oreal Paris Counters and Department Stores.

For a complete event schedule for the event, you may visit

Utterly Unique Shoes

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Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scarf Cardigan

Lately I had a passion for cardigans.  I've bought several already but I'm still looking for the perfect sweater to keep me warm.  What do you think of this hooded scarf cardigan? 

An Eternity Ring for Sophie

Sophie and I grew up together. I was 8 when we moved to New York and Sophie was the only other child in our building who is the same age as I was at the time. We played a lot in the park at the back of our building and that was the beginning of our friendship.

We were both living with our mothers. Our parents had divorced. She had an older brother who lives with her dad. I am an only child. For the most part of our youth, she and I were almost inseparable. There were times when I would sleep in their apartment and then she would sleep with us. She is the sister I never had and vice versa.

We survived high school together. We became each other’s strength during the most turbulent times of our youth. We were both scrawny kids. We were not in the least popular girls. In fact, we were both a little on the geeky side. I guess we both liked studying and we valued our education. To most teens, that is the true quality that signifies a geek. Thus, we were bullied and ridiculed but we did not really mind. We had each other.

We were separated during our college years because I went on to study culinary arts while she wanted to become a teacher. But we would call each other almost daily and try to visit each other during weekends. And somehow we survived college. It was also during college when we both found other interests such as boys. And soon we found the men we wanted to marry and marry we did. She now has three children, while I have two. Her two eldest children have graduated from college and are now professionals. Her youngest is the only one who is still in college. My children have both graduated, too and are now working.

This year, we are both turning 50. I am now a successful chef and I put up a small café in Manhattan. She still teaches at Cornell. I have been thinking of a special gift for Sophie for a while now to celebrate her special day. I checked online and chanced upon  I decided to give her an eternity ring for her 50th birthday, to signify our friendship which I hope will continue to eternity. On this jewelry site I found a most interesting review of a jeweler whose shop is on 5th Ave.

I checked its website and found very simple jewelry but what impressed me was the way the jeweler and founder, David S. has given attention to the play of lights on a diamond. I have always been intrigued by the brilliance of a diamond and I know that the dance of light is an important indication as to the quality of a stone. Encouraged, I went to the shop. What I found in their inventory is the most exquisite collection of diamond jewelry I have ever seen in my life. I told the salesclerk what I wanted and she presented me with the most fabulous array of eternity rings with the most brilliant of diamonds. I found one that is within my budget and so now I have an eternity ring to gift my beloved friend, Sophie.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Blue Monday - Flower Nail Art

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Printcopia Giveaway

Ria at It's My Party is hosting a Printcopia Giveaway!  Enter here for a chance to join.

1 Winner will score a beautiful prize - one 8 x 10 canvas print from  
Transform Your Photos at Printcopia! Turn your favorite photos into beautiful pieces of art. Printcopia uses the highest quality material canvases and inks to ensure that your artwork will look great and last a lifetime. If you're looking to decorate your home or office, their canvas prints offer an excellent solution to liven up any space. Below are some samples of Printcopia's high-quality canvas prints.

The beautiful prize is sponsored by: Printcopia

Enter to Win! This giveaway will run from October 15 12:01 am - October 31 11:59 pm EST


Open to US and Canada Only.

Please allow the Rafflecopter form to load below. There are 3 mandatory steps to be able to access the entry form for the giveaway.

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Good luck and thank you for joining!

Disclaimer: This blog did not receive payment from the sponsor for this event, nor will be responsible for the shipment of prize. The prize will be shipped from the sponsor's end. All entries will be verified.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Andrew Continues His Search for ANNA’S Ring at Novori Fine Jewelers

Andrew and I continued our search for the perfect setting for Anna’s ring. The ring is his gift to his wife Anna as they are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in a couple of months. I was helping him since I am the only one in our family who is a diamond enthusiast and a jewelry collector. We have been on this search for quite a while now and my friend, Hugo who also happens to be my favorite jeweler had given him a list of online stores he can check out to assist him in his search for the perfect design for Anna’s ring.

As always, I directed him to check out SugarlandJewelers, a website which contained reviews of some of the online jewelry stores in our list. True enough, a Novori review was provided in the website, and Andrew was hopeful that this online store would help him find that ring design he was looking for.

The homepage of the Novori website provided a long list of ring collections were Andrew can make his choice. He was all the more hopeful that the design he wanted would be in one of these collections. He checked out the solitaire rings first although he was more inclined towards a halo ring or a ring with side stones. The designs were simple, as expected so he proceeded to the category of rings with side stones. To his delight, he found quite a lot of halo rings with side stones in this category but the design which would catch his fancy was still not in the collection.

He proceeded to check the category of three-stone rings. To his dismay, there were only nine designs in this category so he went on to check every single category. To his dismay, he could still not find the ring design that jumped up at him. But the one thing that the Novori website did for him was that it introduced him to platinum. A link on the article about engagement rings gave him the idea to use platinum as the metal for Anna’s ring. That was a welcome idea as far as I was concerned because platinum is a more modern metal than the gold and white gold settings and Anna is still quite young at 36. I informed him that Hugo has quite an extensive collection of platinum rings which he might want to look over since he did not find any design he wanted in any of the online catalogues Hugo had provided.

The next day, we went back to Hugo. I asked him to show Andrew his collection of platinum engagement ring. Andrew found platinum to be his preference over white gold. Yellow gold was never in the running. He went through Hugo’s truly impressive collection of engagement rings set in platinum as the latter had taken care to separate his collection into several trays. He had placed all halo rings in one tray and all three-stone rings in another. All the other trays contained all other designs. One particular three-diamond ring caught Andrew’s eye. Each of the three stones was surrounded by smaller diamonds. The sides of the ring were also adorned with small diamonds. It combined the two styles he had favored from the very beginning. One look at his face, and both Hugo and I knew he had found the perfect ring for his beloved Anna. Relieved, Hugo promised to recreate the ring using the one-carat diamond that Andrew had chosen and he will also find the two smaller diamonds that will go on each side of the center diamond as well as all the melee diamonds needed. He promised that the ring will be ready in a week.

The Quick Fix for Sweater Snags

You naturally feel upset when you find your favorite cardigan with a snag.  Here's what you should do:  Simply use a crochet hook to pull the loose yarn through to the underside of the garment, then turn the sweater inside and out and make a small knot with the extra string.  Next, dab the spot with clear nail polish to secure the knot and prevent the snag from showing.

What Thousand Dollar Shoe Are You?

When I saw this style, I knew this was what I wanted. I took the quiz and loved the result! 

You Are an Elegant and Magnetic Shoe
You are convincing and magnetic. Persuasion is an art form for you.
You are fascinating and alluring. People are definitely interested in what's going on in your life.

You shine when it comes to negotiating conflict. You can craft win-win situations.
You like to let loose but you always maintain your composure. You are always classy.

Moving Soon

This is not going to be an easy move because we have a lot of stuff to pack this time. We're not moving until after the holidays though but I've got to start packing this early so everything is ready after the holidays. I've already picked up the mens briefcase I borrowed from my brother in law so I can start sorting out important family documents. I have also packed some of the clothes that we are not using and I'll be starting with the shoes. Just thinking about moving already had me feeling stressed but I feel excited too that we are moving to a new house.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Quick Fix for Cracked Shadow

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You accidentally dropped your compact while applying makeup one morning and your favorite shade broke into pieces.  The fix?  Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the crushed powder, then push it back into shape with the back of the spoon.  As the alcohol evaporates, the makeup will meld together.

Microphones at Musicians Friend

Are you looking for a microphone that is durable and of high quality? Then try the microphones at musicians friend. We've been in the Karaoke business for such a long time that we know the mic is always the first thing that gets broken.

If you are into recording or you simply want to have fun with your Karaoke machine, I suggest that you get a decent microphone. You can easily get a cheap mic but it does not last very long. One bad drop and you'll go looking for a new one.

Pimping the Ride

Now that he knows how to drive and he has his own car; our son is thinking of getting his ride pimped. He and his dad are scheming to power up the car. I'm hearing air boosters and things about turbos. They think I didn't understand that? Hmm, that's where they are wrong. My ears get sharper when I hear expenses coming. I think I'm gonna play hard-to-get.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Nail Art - Cherry Blossoms

I'd love that on my nails.

Swarovski beads wholesale

Back then, I wasn't interested in Swarovski Crystals because I knew they were expensive.  It was only when I went to Hong Kong with a friend that I learned there are several Swarovski beads wholesale store there where I can get the crystals for less.  My daughter and I have been making jewelries and rosaries using beads but we steered clear of the more expensive beads.  These jewelries and rosaries are given out to friends as gifts and sometimes, my daughter sells them to her friends and classmates.

I also found out recently that Swarovski beads wholesale are also available online.  The prices are way cheaper than if you'd buy them from a regular store. It is such a relief that now I don't have to ask friends favors to buy me the beads I need when they travel to Hong Kong because I can easily score them at the Swarovski beads wholesale store I found online.  I like that I get to see the latest fashion colours, effects and cuts because the website is always updated.

I absolutely love the store and I even recommended it to another friend who's planning her wedding. She wants to use  Swarovski crystal for her wedding gown and the ones I found at the store are absolutely magnificent.  Hop on to their website if you are also looking for elegant Swarovski crystals.
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