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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

An Eternity Ring for Sophie

Sophie and I grew up together. I was 8 when we moved to New York and Sophie was the only other child in our building who is the same age as I was at the time. We played a lot in the park at the back of our building and that was the beginning of our friendship.

We were both living with our mothers. Our parents had divorced. She had an older brother who lives with her dad. I am an only child. For the most part of our youth, she and I were almost inseparable. There were times when I would sleep in their apartment and then she would sleep with us. She is the sister I never had and vice versa.

We survived high school together. We became each other’s strength during the most turbulent times of our youth. We were both scrawny kids. We were not in the least popular girls. In fact, we were both a little on the geeky side. I guess we both liked studying and we valued our education. To most teens, that is the true quality that signifies a geek. Thus, we were bullied and ridiculed but we did not really mind. We had each other.

We were separated during our college years because I went on to study culinary arts while she wanted to become a teacher. But we would call each other almost daily and try to visit each other during weekends. And somehow we survived college. It was also during college when we both found other interests such as boys. And soon we found the men we wanted to marry and marry we did. She now has three children, while I have two. Her two eldest children have graduated from college and are now professionals. Her youngest is the only one who is still in college. My children have both graduated, too and are now working.

This year, we are both turning 50. I am now a successful chef and I put up a small café in Manhattan. She still teaches at Cornell. I have been thinking of a special gift for Sophie for a while now to celebrate her special day. I checked online and chanced upon  I decided to give her an eternity ring for her 50th birthday, to signify our friendship which I hope will continue to eternity. On this jewelry site I found a most interesting review of a jeweler whose shop is on 5th Ave.

I checked its website and found very simple jewelry but what impressed me was the way the jeweler and founder, David S. has given attention to the play of lights on a diamond. I have always been intrigued by the brilliance of a diamond and I know that the dance of light is an important indication as to the quality of a stone. Encouraged, I went to the shop. What I found in their inventory is the most exquisite collection of diamond jewelry I have ever seen in my life. I told the salesclerk what I wanted and she presented me with the most fabulous array of eternity rings with the most brilliant of diamonds. I found one that is within my budget and so now I have an eternity ring to gift my beloved friend, Sophie.

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