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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Andrew Continues His Search for ANNA’S Ring at Novori Fine Jewelers

Andrew and I continued our search for the perfect setting for Anna’s ring. The ring is his gift to his wife Anna as they are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in a couple of months. I was helping him since I am the only one in our family who is a diamond enthusiast and a jewelry collector. We have been on this search for quite a while now and my friend, Hugo who also happens to be my favorite jeweler had given him a list of online stores he can check out to assist him in his search for the perfect design for Anna’s ring.

As always, I directed him to check out SugarlandJewelers, a website which contained reviews of some of the online jewelry stores in our list. True enough, a Novori review was provided in the website, and Andrew was hopeful that this online store would help him find that ring design he was looking for.

The homepage of the Novori website provided a long list of ring collections were Andrew can make his choice. He was all the more hopeful that the design he wanted would be in one of these collections. He checked out the solitaire rings first although he was more inclined towards a halo ring or a ring with side stones. The designs were simple, as expected so he proceeded to the category of rings with side stones. To his delight, he found quite a lot of halo rings with side stones in this category but the design which would catch his fancy was still not in the collection.

He proceeded to check the category of three-stone rings. To his dismay, there were only nine designs in this category so he went on to check every single category. To his dismay, he could still not find the ring design that jumped up at him. But the one thing that the Novori website did for him was that it introduced him to platinum. A link on the article about engagement rings gave him the idea to use platinum as the metal for Anna’s ring. That was a welcome idea as far as I was concerned because platinum is a more modern metal than the gold and white gold settings and Anna is still quite young at 36. I informed him that Hugo has quite an extensive collection of platinum rings which he might want to look over since he did not find any design he wanted in any of the online catalogues Hugo had provided.

The next day, we went back to Hugo. I asked him to show Andrew his collection of platinum engagement ring. Andrew found platinum to be his preference over white gold. Yellow gold was never in the running. He went through Hugo’s truly impressive collection of engagement rings set in platinum as the latter had taken care to separate his collection into several trays. He had placed all halo rings in one tray and all three-stone rings in another. All the other trays contained all other designs. One particular three-diamond ring caught Andrew’s eye. Each of the three stones was surrounded by smaller diamonds. The sides of the ring were also adorned with small diamonds. It combined the two styles he had favored from the very beginning. One look at his face, and both Hugo and I knew he had found the perfect ring for his beloved Anna. Relieved, Hugo promised to recreate the ring using the one-carat diamond that Andrew had chosen and he will also find the two smaller diamonds that will go on each side of the center diamond as well as all the melee diamonds needed. He promised that the ring will be ready in a week.


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