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Friday, December 20, 2013

Headbands That Make You Gorgeous

Go ahead and attend each and every holiday party in different hairstyles. These updos will surely turn heads and make you the center of attention and all you need are simple headbands to style your hair.

Double, thin and stretchy headband

Don't you just hate it when bangs get in the way? You can use this to hide your bangs, tame unruly fringe or flyaway. What's great about this headband style is its thinness allows you to wear it far forward to smooth down even the shortest strands.


Single and Structured

Use this headband when you simply want to dress up a straight style. Nothing flatters like a single shiny band because it echoes the very qualities we love in long locks. To keep the look from falling flat, tease hair at the crown, then angle the headband one inch back from the hairline rather than at the tippy-top of the head.

Double, thick and stretchy

Need to tame thick tresses? Hair that like to go its own way is best served by a stretchy headband with twin wide straps. Both the elastic and the width control wayward waves and poof for an effortless elegance that's sure to wow the night or day.

Double and structured

Two stiff bands that contrast with hair color highlight the beauty of curls by providing the perfect foil to coil around (while keeping strays in line).


  1. I love Drew Barrymore's hairstyle! Headbands are very versatile! I love using them especially when I am trying to grow my over-chopped bangs lol

  2. I like bed heads and thin head bands. I have several here which I use when I feel like tousling my hair for a more, glam, messy look. :)

  3. I love double headbands. It looks so stylish even with messy hair. teehee

  4. I've tried all those headbands but they don't look right on me! :(

  5. I love all the hairbands but my favorite is Drew Barrymore's for sure.

  6. You've inspired me to wear headbands again! But Drew Barrymore's headband and style and face rock the look like no other!


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