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Monday, November 12, 2012

Eco-Friendly Fashion from Bobo House

Eloise Lapidus, daughter of world-renowned French designer Ted Lapidus and German model Ursula Mai founded BoBo House in 2011. Her concept is to create “Bougeois-Boheme” fashion (shortened to BoBo) which is the melding of the classic and sexy Parisian style with the laid-back appeal of the Californian woman. Thus, her fashion is sexy but casual – a style that is perfect for the casual elegance of today’s trendy and young fashionistas.

Her evolving health-conscious lifestyle trickled into her business ideal which led to her creating a unique line of young fashion that is made from materials that are environment friendly. Even the manufacturing process of her apparel is consciously programmed to adhere to her green ideals. She has set out to make a difference and is taking the first step towards that goal.

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Her line is greatly influenced by the 60s and 70s fashion of Paris and St. Tropez.  It includes soft tees, tanks, sweaters, tunics and pareos (Tahitian inspired wrap-around skirts). She believes that consumers have now become wiser and are looking to buy fashion that is made to last. BoBo House fashion uses 100 percent MicroTencel, MicroModal and organic cotton, materials that are biodegradable and environment friendly. It also uses recycled paper for all their tags and printed materials, including packaging. All their apparel and packaging is 100% made in downtown Los Angeles to ensure that everything is done according to environmental standards. Her collection was exhibited at the LA Market Week held last month.

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