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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Making a Statement with Ear Cuffs

I am not really an earrings girl. In fact, I don’t normally wear them but I came across the ear cuff trend and I honestly love it. It certainly is non-traditional which is very appealing and it can be such an elegant statement piece if worn right. 

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Meryl Streep seems to be the reason why ear cuffs are back. She wore ear cuffs when she appeared in Mama Mia and the public slowly caught on. There are thousands of ear cuffs and wraps now available online from really inexpensive accessory pieces to luxurious sets with pearls and semi-precious stones. Convertible ear cuffs are also available where you can choose to add dangles on the basic cuff for a more fashion forward statement. 

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Ear cuffs are large and fit over the cartilage of our ears, right smack in the middle. To put on the ear cuffs, you need to start at the top of the ear and slide down the cuff gently till you reach the middle of your ear. Secure them snugly over the ear with gentle pressure so as not to deform them. Slide them upward to the top of the ear to take them off. Don’t open them or pinch them so that they will not be deformed. Ear wraps, on the other hand are small and fit on the soft edge of the ear, either on the top or at the bottom. Both are singles, meaning they do not come as a pair. Of course, you have the option to wear a pair if you wish but they are normally sold in singles.


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