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Friday, March 15, 2013

Paris Fall Fashion 2013: A Review (Part 2)

Admittedly, there were quite a number of collections that I will not forget during the last Paris Fashion Week  but none impressed me as much as the Christian Dior collection done by Raf Simons. While I wrote about the Balenciaga collection first, it was more because of the strength of the collection. But I have to say that the Dior collection perhaps contained the most outfits that I would personally choose to wear.

The Dior Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

Christian Dior has been my favorite designer since I was in high school and what Raf Simons achieved in this latest Dior collection is that he ensured that there would be no shortage of what is known worldwide as classic Dior couture and glamour. It was evident in every single piece of clothing on the collection. The Dior style that is ultra-feminine and emphasizes on curves coupled well with Simons minimalist attitude which resulted in truly polished pieces that were inspiring to behold.

Surrealism and pop-art seemed to be the inspiration for his collection and the runway echoed this theme with its big mirrored-spheres and clouds. The reflections on the models and the clothes made such a visual impact that was almost like watching Warhol art happening onstage. What resulted was wearable art which I feel is what Raf Simons came up with in this fantastic collection. He was definitely in complete control and the timeless elegance, pure yet modern that is not very easily achieved if you think about the harshness of modern lines as it can sometimes be, is simply impressive, to say the least. If I am allowed to be subjective, I would have to say that the Dior collection was the strongest show of the runway season so far.

The wearable art from the Dior RTW 2013 collection by Raf Simons from classic Dior bar jackets, incredible knitwear, statement making coats, houndstooth on pants, and cocktail dresses with tulle. The asymmetrical slip dresses with Warhol sketch embroideries are definitely worth the money.
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