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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jazz Things Up with a Cocktail Ring

Want to make your party outfit look extra special? Supersize rings definitely add glamour to your getup. Here are some styles that will help you sparkle. 

Triangle cocktail ring

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This ring flatters everyone because of its simple modern angles that help hands look more youthful. And to flatter any hand size, opt for a ring that extends to the bottom of the first knuckle.

Shield cocktail ring

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A stunning 3-D dome ring reads larger and heavier than any other shapes, but its rounded weight helps visually balance lengthy fingers and imparts a fun, retro '60s vibe.

Infinity cocktail ring

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The figure eight creates a long vertical line that optically elongates shorter fingers. Look for glittering swirls that draw the eye back and forth for extra lengthening power.

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