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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Luxury Paris Apartment Vacation Rentals

If you were to ask me where I would want to go on a vacation if ever I had the time and money, I'd tell you that I want to go to Paris. I'd book for a ticket and make reservations at one of the famous luxury paris apartment vacation rentals and get away for a month. I've had a chance to travel to different Asian countries but I've never been to Europe; Paris would be the first place on my list before visiting any other European cities.

The shops in Paris are world famous and that's what I'm most interested in. I can spend hours shopping and browsing through their stores. Of course I'd try the restaurants, cafés and bars too and who knows I might fancy some adventures and visit Le Bourget and the Walt Disney Studios Park. How about you? Where would you go on your next vacation?


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