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Saturday, January 19, 2013

John Galliano Comebacking with Oscar Dela Renta

News has reached us that John Galliano is set to “re-immerse” himself in the fashion world via a temporary residency with the house of Oscar dela Renta. It will be remembered that he was forced to move out of the House of Dior in 2011 for making anti-Semitic remarks in a café in Paris. WWD has said that he will be working in New York at the house of Oscar dela Renta for the coming three weeks which, we surmise, signals the start of his fashion comeback.

In a statement, dela Renta explains that he and Galliano have been friends for years and he is a great admirer of the latter’s talent. Galliano, in turn, says he is grateful to dela Renta for the opportunity. He says, “His faith in me is humbling.”

Galliano left the fashion world in very controversial circumstances. He was arrested; after which Dior and even his own brand fired him from his designer posts. He went into rehab and withdrew from public life after 15 years as Dior’s creative director. He expressed his sincerest apologies to the Jewish communities and has promised to make amends for his mistakes in the past.

Interestingly, the Anti-Defamation League, an organization that fights against anti-Semitism expressed their support for his return to fashion. They opined that they believe in giving individuals second chances and that Galliano has expressed true contrition for his mistake.

Although the details of his comeback have not been divulged completely, the fashion world is hoping to see his fantastic creations on the runway once again.  Welcome back, Galliano!

Some of the fantastic creations of John Galliano
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