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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blogger Opp - NeuYear Calendar Giveaway

If you want to get more fans and followers you may click on the links below to sign up for this blogger opportunity.

GEORYL will be hosting the Awesome 2013 NeuYear Calendar Giveaway on December 17 to 31, 2012. Bloggers are invited to co-host this giveaway on their blogs in exchange for a Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest link on the Rafflecopter.

As a co-host, you need to post the giveaway code/mechanics on your site before December 17 and help promote this giveaway to your fans, followers and readers. Mechanics will be sent out on December 15. Links of bloggers who don’t have their post up by December 17 will be removed from the Rafflecopter.

You can sign-up for the giveaway on this form: Blogger Sign-up NeuYear.Net 2013 Calendar Giveaway.

Wait, you can get two more additional links in the Rafflecopter by blogging about this free blogger opportunity on your site! Just be sure to include a link to GEORYL (so bloggers will know where to find the host) and the sign-up page (so that they can sign-up as well) - or you can just copy, paste and add your own words to this doc: Blogger Opportunity Announcement.

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