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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

If you’re finding it hard to choose the perfect wedding dress, don't fret because I will be giving you some tips for you to find the wedding dress of your dreams.

When looking for a wedding dress, avoid scheduling your appointment later in the day. It's always best to schedule a mid-morning or early in the afternoon when the bride still has a lot of energy and the store staff has not dealt with a lot of other clients. Aside from the store not being crowded, you will get the full attention of the wedding dress consultant and she can give you a lot of fresh ideas when she, herself is just starting the day and is not tired and stressed out, yet.

Instead of looking for tons of wedding dress designs right away, try to picture yourself first in a wedding dress silhouette. See what silhouette works best for you [is it the fitting style, body-hugging style, empress style, vintage, etc.?] As much as possible, try not to get caught up in the recent trend. For all you know, that style will not work for you. It will be best to concentrate on your personal style or the style that flatters you most.

Most brides go for the fancy hems, ruffles and long trains. Of course, those details are important, but give the TOP of your wedding dress more attention. After all, it's what people will notice first and the most seen in your wedding photos.

Be patient and try on as many wedding dresses as you need to. A gorgeous wedding dress on a hanger can look terrible when fitted and what you perceive as not as beautiful can make you look stunning. Just like regular outfits, a wedding dress takes on a different shape and look once it's on a woman's body.

Now, that you know the key points in finding the perfect wedding dress, you can now start shopping. You may want to start your search at These tips will help you find it quickly and without going nuts and give you more time to focus on other wedding details.


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