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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Best Ways to Treat Chapped Skin on Babies

When it comes to newborns, chapped skin is a pretty common problem and often one that parents’ aren’t quite sure how to deal with. If your child has irritated, red, or dry skin around their nose or mouth, don’t be alarmed. Although it is best to deal with chapped skin, it isn’t particularly dangerous in itself.

For the most part, chapped skin is caused by dry air and wind coupled with teething and drooling. This causes a skin irritation, which in turn results in the red areas that you’ve probably observed.

If left untreated, chapped skin can very often get a bit out of hand because of the fact that babies have a tendency to lick the affected area. That can end up further inflaming it, and possibly even result in sores, or cracked skin appearing.

Generally speaking, chapped skin just takes two things to get better: Time, and air.

Assuming you’re able to keep the affected area relatively dry and drool-free for a while, your baby’s skin will recuperate quickly. Before you know it the redness would have subsided and things would be back to normal.

Of course, sometimes it takes a bit more than that – and the best treatment for chapped skin on babies is by far certain types of creams. If you like you can even head over to Mom’ and check out their 3 creamy advices to treat baby’s chapped skin.

Generally speaking, any sort of moisturizing lotion is normally sufficient to deal with chapped skin. The idea is to lock in moisture in the affected area, while at the same time coating it with a protective layer that will protect against drool. Being sure to wipe off your baby’s droll is also probably advisable.

Should your baby’s lips be affected then you could use lip balm instead of moisturizing creams, just in case you’re worried that your baby may lick up the cream. Some mothers even swear by lansinol (nipple cream) that is safe if ingested too, while others often choose to use Vaseline.

At the end of the day it is up to you what sort of cream or lip balm you end up using. If you’re in doubt, just get in touch with your pediatrician for confirmation, or consult a pharmacist regarding which creams are safe to be used on babies.

Whatever the case, your baby’s chapped skin should be as good as new soon enough!


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