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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Identify Yourself

Your name identifies you to others. However, there's more to you than just a name. You have a unique personality and an individualized style that gives people a glimpse into your world. Monogrammed accessories are a fun and fantastic way to brighten up your wardrobe and your life.

Taking Tech Gadgets With You

Most people carry at least one, and often more than one, technological gadget with them everywhere they go. You can separate yourself from the unimaginative crowd with items such as a monogrammed iphone case, personalized ipad cases, monogrammed laptop and cell phone skins and numerous other personalized accessories for your tech supplies. In addition to the monogrammed feature, you can express your vibrant personality with visually exciting covers and cases that feature bold, bright colors and quirky patterns.

Keep the monogram theme going

Another factor that separates you from everyone else is your passion for specific causes and your individual interest in certain hobbies and sports. Tote bags and laptop cases have almost become a standard accessory. Adding a monogram to either of these makes them a little more special.

You can let your fun side shine through in your vacation, weekend or leisure time clothing and accessories. Luggage, garment bags, hats and even flip flops can be monogrammed. Wearing bight colors can liven up your mood and also lift the spirit of those you come in contact with. You can develop your own signature style with colorful clothing and accessories that feature your initials.

Around the house

There's an almost limitless list of home decor and houseware items that can be monogrammed. Mix some of those into your decor and your home will have an additional personal touch that would otherwise be missing. You can personalize items such as coffee mugs, glasses and placemats for your kitchen, linens for your bedroom or bathroom and numerous other indoor and outdoor decor items.

Personalizing items both with your initials and with your choice of colors and patterns is a wonderful form of self expression. It gives you an opportunity to reveal your uniqueness to others.


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