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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tagspire: A Social Commerce Network

With the holiday just right around the corner, I'm sure many of you are going crazy over what to wear for the festive season. Those who are planning on spending the holiday in the sun would naturally want some stylish summery clothes for those long, hot nights. And for those who do not have plans of going anywhere would want some fashionably warm and cozy outfits. Whether you are leaving town or you're just staying home, shopping for a favorite holiday look is still on top of your list.

If you're looking for great ideas for fashionable and affordable holiday clothes, let me tell you about Tagspire.

It is a social commerce network inspired by people who love to dress up. By using this platform, you can discover new trends, endorse the things you love and earn cash rewards at the same time. You love social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest; and you love posting photos of yourself in different outfits, right? Tagspire works basically the same. The only difference is it is a social shopping site as well. You get to tag and endorse a favorite item to your photo and anyone who clicks on it and buys, you earn a commission. How cool is that?

What's great about this social commerce network is they have thousand of items available in the website. From designer Womenswear, menswear and accessories to the most affordable ones; you are sure to find them at Tagspire so, you stay ahead of the trends.

Tagspire is easy to use. All you need to do is sign up for an account. Once you've created your account, you can start posting your photos and tag them with your favorite items. You can share that photo on Facebook, so your friends can see your favorite items as well. It's easy, it's fun and I like the fact that I get to earn, too. Click here to learn more about Tagspire.

This post is sponsored by Tagspire.


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