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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Nail Art, My First Try

I'm not much of an accessories person. A simple pair of earrings is what I usually wear with my outfit whenever I go out. But tonight, I decided to be not just an another acceptably dressed person. After all, hubs and I are celebrating something special tonight. Well, I'm not thinking of anything extravagant, just jumping in the nail art wagon.

Everyone seems so crazy about doing their own nails and I thought I'd try and match it with my dress. I happened to find this nice article about nail art and that's where I got the idea. So here goes...

I found this Bead It Dress in Grey from ModCloth and I fell in love with it. Instead of other glittery accessories, I decided to jazz up my nails. Here's a close up of the material.

So, off I went to my daughter's room and rummaged through her nail lacquers collection. I easily spotted the silver lacquer, but the only glittery accessories I saw are the rhinestones.

So, what do you think?  Daughter says it's not bad for a first time.


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