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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Most Flattering Bras

It's shocking to know that over 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size. And even if you have measured your breasts correctly, you'll find it difficult to find the right fit. Why? It's because the measurement system is wrong. And what complicates it even more, the size of one or both breasts can change throughout the years due to weight gain or loss and hormonal fluctuations related to pregnancy and menstrual cycle shifts. Notice how your breasts are fuller before and during your period?

Experts suggest measuring the fullness of each breast individually rather than the circumference of the rib cage. Once you know the size of each breast, finding the perfect fit would be a cinch. Below are some bra finds to flatter your boobs.

To Beat Extreme Sag

Look for a full-coverage bra with soft "blunted" cups (choose rounded rather than pointy). That would be perfect for those who need added support or those who have different-size breasts. The rounded shape extends the circumference of each cup so breast tissue settles evenly. You'll flatter your boobs even more if you choose styles with a high center gore (the piece of fabric that connects the cups and cradles cleavage) and thick straps that anchor to a peaked "leotard" back band because it offers additional support.

To Look Slimmer

The common cause of back fat is wearing a bra with too-tight band. If your band is too tight, the addition of a simple bra extender can help. So does a bra with an elastic-free band, or one in which the rubber is covered. This prevents the skin catches that create rolls. You may also look for front closures or long columns of hooks and eyes in the back, which ensure a smooth, continuous span across the back to ward off skin folds.


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