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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Look Sleek in a Cardi

Spring is almost here and what better way to look stylish and cool than with cardigans. Some people think cardigans are not flattering but if you just know how to wear them right, these pull together knit shirts are a great way to dress up everything from khakis to jeans. Here are three great ways to look fab in a cardi.

Go Monochrome
The contrast of a cardi over blue jeans draws the eye horizontally across the top of thighs, emphasizing a trouble spot. But pairing the sweater with similarly hued pants elongates the legs and makes thighs appear proportionate.

Better without a belt
Cinching a bulky above the knee cardigan causes it to balloon outward below the belt. The result: Hips look hefty. But letting the cardi fall open takes the focus off hips for a narrower silhouette.

Opt for vertical lines
An unstructured sweater with horizontal stripes draws the eye from side to side, so the whole body reads as wide. But a pull together with vertical geometric lines draws the eye up and down for a tall, lean look.


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