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Friday, September 14, 2012

Look Stunning with the Right Chain

One step to looking gorgeous is choosing the perfect length of chain.  A mid-length chain can slim the face.  The U-shape silhouette of an opera-length chain visually creates a longer vertical line from the forehead to the bust.  The long chain optically elongates the head and neck for a slimmer looking face.

A long chain can make you look lean all over.  The narrow line of a waist-skimming sautoir (longer than 45 inches) necklace pulls the eye up and down to the body.  This gives the illusion of an elongated torso; a great trick when you are trying to look slimmer.  Plus, if you choose airy circle loop links, it will help create a lacy look that will make your shoulders appear broad and softer.

Frame the face with a short chain.  The slight scoop of a princess-length choker mirrors the curve of the jaw and creates a frame-like border that forces focus up to the face.


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