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Friday, July 13, 2012

Your Sunglass Shape

One of the items you shouldn't forget before heading out the door aside from applying sunblock are your sunglasses.  But with all the gorgeous shapes of shades, how do you know which sunglass suits you best?  Here, check this guide so you can look more fab this summer.

Mod (square) Sunglasses are best for oval faces.  The square lenses draw the eye horizontally, so the center of the face appears wider.  This effect on a heart-shaped face can amplify a broad forehead.  But on a long face, adding this width helps the face look shorter for beautiful balance.

Aviators are best for square faces.  Classic aviators' oblong lenses draw the eye up and down, optically elongating the face.  This can cause an already lengthy face to appear awkwardly stretched.  But for a square face, adding visual length will offset the boxy features and will help soften an angular jaw.

Oversize Wayfarers are best for heart faces.  The winged hinges and inward tapered lenses of the Wayfarers slim the face from temple to cheekbone..


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